• Elias Eliadis

    Elias Eliadis

  • Javier Chávez

    Javier Chávez

    Born and raised in Venezuela, living and working in Lima, Perú.

  • Norat Bhati

    Norat Bhati

  • Delinda Hathcock

    Delinda Hathcock



    WERVAS was founded in the year 2016. We have served 500+ clients and saved 30000 hours for them till now. We believe Action speaks louder than words! wervas.com

  • Lewis Harris

    Lewis Harris

  • Brendan Anderson

    Brendan Anderson

    I am a poet, a fantasist, a critic, and an idealist. I believe we need heroes and stories, both imagined and real, to be our best selves.

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